The staff at is excited to announce that we will be offering another season of wall-to-wall Fruitport High School sports media coverage during the 2024-25 academic year.

We have proudly written and posted hundreds of Fruitport varsity stories since our partnership with the high school began in January 2023. Our coverage includes all Trojans teams, not just the higher-profile sports like football and basketball.

As a result, Fruitport teams have more quality media coverage than most high schools in Michigan, and we are proud to provide that service to Trojan Nation!

Along the way we have built a big audience of loyal, longtime Fruitport fans who love to log on and see how their teams are doing. We are pumped up about being the online home of the Trojans for another year, starting with the rapidly approaching fall season – which is really the late-summer/fall season – since the games and matches get rolling around mid-August.

Photo/Jeremy Clark,

You will start to see the first stories and photos for the coming season around late July, early August.

There will be two very welcome changes in the coming year that Fruitport fans will notice and appreciate.

As many already know, Fruitport has switched from the very tough O-K Blue conference to the O-K Silver, where the Trojans are expected to be much more competitive in all sports.

Another big improvement will be the presentation of Fruitport news on There will be no more of those annoying national ads placed throughout the stories, which distracted many readers and were a source of constant irritation for us! Going forward, the only ads in our Fruitport stories will be those purchased by local sponsors who support Trojan sports.

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We owe a big thank you to our major ad sponsor, Mario Flores from VanDyk Mortgage, who has been with us from the beginning of our Fruitport coverage, as well as the Eddie Alexander Group, which just completed its first season as an important Trojan sponsor.

We are currently looking for a few more advertising partners to join our Trojan coverage team! For a very modest rate, local businesses can join the proud effort that delivers all the Fruitport sports news to thousands of fans throughout the school year! For more information email [email protected] and we will be in touch!

We hope everyone enjoys the summer! It goes by fast, and will be delivering Fruitport varsity news again before you know it!

Photo/Adam Vander Kooy