NORTON SHORES – Fruitport’s Mylee Mineni has gotten really good at golf really fast – but what she did on Wednesday was something that most lifetime golfers only dream of.

Mineni, a junior who started playing the sport when she joined the Trojan varsity two years ago, had a great day by shooting an 87 and finishing fourth against the top competition in the area at the Greater Muskegon Athletic Association City Golf Tournament at Oak Ridge Golf Course.

But it got even better than that for Mineni.

Fruitport golfer Mylee Mineni retrieves her hole-in-one ball.

In the midst of her great round, she wound up and shot a hole-in-one on the 14th hole, something she never dreamed possible, and didn’t believe at first when Fruitport Coach Brenda Hansen told her that her tee-shot somehow hit the mark.

Mineni knows the Oak Ridge course well, because that’s where Fruitport plays its home matches, and was not excited when she approached the 14th hole.

“I had just been saying that was not my favorite hole, so I just tried to get it to the green, it was closer than I expected, and (Coach Hansen) said it went in the hole,” Mineni said. “We all gave each other a weird face, then when we got up there we saw it was true – it was in the hole!”

Coach Hansen was standing near the green and had a birds-eye view as the ball found its way to perfection.

Mineni, right, with Fruitport golf coach Brenda Hansen.

“Hole 14 is the one with the incline, so you can’t really see the green, so I was watching the girls,” Hansen said. “I was watching Mylee and her ball hit about 20 feet before the hole, bounced a couple times and went right in. It was a pretty cool thing.”

Hansen, a second-year coach who has been golfing for years, said she never imagined she would have a high school player pull off such a shot.

“I had never even seen it happen in person myself, just out golfing,” the coach said. “It was pretty exciting.”